Takun J, The Hipco King

Takun J, by Ansu Kromah

Takun J was born on May 14 in Monrovia, Liberia, where he survived the country’s 14 year civil war with his single mother and 3 siblings. Even during those hard times, it was clear that Takun had an entertainer’s spirit. He grew up playing soccer, dancing, and entering talent shows. He performed whenever he had a chance. By the time he graduated from high school, he had fully committed himself to music. In 2005, he released his first single, “We’ll Spay You” followed the next year by “You Meaning Me”.

The success of those songs was cut short as the war flared up and a resettlement program took Takun to refugee camps in Ghana, and later, Ivory Coast, where he washed clothes and cleaned houses for people in exchange for food.

“A lot of people say: ‘Takun-J, you be wasting your time behind the hip co.’  I believe in faith, it’s faith that got you and I living right now. The hope that it will take you somewhere tomorrow. I always keep the courage and the vision, I let nothing discourage me in my music.”

Takun J

When the opportunity arose, he returned to Liberia to rebuild his country. He sees music, and especially Hip Co- the unique Liberian language of the streets and markets- as integral to this. In 2007, he released The Time, his first full-length album. The song “Police Man”, which spoke honestly about police corruption, was an instant hit with fans but resulted in two arrests and a brutal beating by Liberian National Police. Takun refused to be silenced: the night of his release, he performed with his eye still black and his shirt still blood-stained.

Since then, Takun has committed himself to writing songs that speak truth, promote unity, and resonate with people’s everyday experiences. His entertainment company, Jazzo Entertainment, is focused on taking Hip Co to the streets, where everyone can access it, while at the same time sharing the unique Liberian style with the rest of the world.

Takun J, The Struggle to Make it, by Ansu Kromah

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